AI Assistant
AI Persona Planning and Design
Persona-Centric Conversation Design
UX/UI Writing
Natural Language Learning Data Construction
Multilingual Service Operations
  • Bixby : Samsung Electronics AI (Since 2016)
  • (Confidential Project) (Since 2024)
Wearable Robot
Robot Persona and Conversation Style Design
Designing a cohesive VUX for robots across devices
Constructing learning data optimized for multi-modality
  • BotFit : Samsung Electronics Wearable Walking Assistance Robot (2022 ~)
Digital Human
Research and Planning for AI Concierge/Digital Desk Service in Banking Operations
Designing Voice-based Personas, User-friendly Dialogue Style Guides
Designing Gestures and Emotions for Various Scenarios, Constructing Facial Expressions and Language Datasets
Designing VUX Strategies Considering Customer Environment, Workflow Optimization, and Usability
  • Shinhan Bank AI Concierge, Digital Desk, Smart Kiosk (2021 ~ 2022)
Persona-based AI Multilingual Interpreter
Generative AI-based Multilingual Interactive Translation Service
Customized Persona Design for Users
UX/UI Design for Dedicated Application
Service Planning for VUX
  • SharonGlot: Multilingual Translation Service with Persona Integration (2024 ~)
Conversational AI for Administrative Efficiency
Generative AI-Based Support for Formulating Public Agency Complaint Forms
Specialized Question-Answering Functionality with RAG and Systematic Prompt Configuration
Construction of Generation-Specific, Region-Specific Natural Language Understanding Training Data
Assistance with Various Complaints for Foreign Residents in Korea (Multilingual Support)
Thorough Protection of Personal Information through User Access Control
  • (Confidential Project) (2024 ~)
AI Data for Public Use
Public AI Training Data Projects: Led by the government, we've built Korean and multilingual datasets, fueling Korea's AI industry growth in line with dda's strengths and vision.
  • AI Response Quality Evaluation (2023)
  • Labeling data for human-AI text conversations and AI responses for RLHF (Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback)
  • Korean Blenderbot dataset (2022)
  • A collection featuring over 1,400 designed personas engaging in varied topic conversations
  • Multilingual Translation Corpus (2021)
  • A comprehensive set of Korean ↔ French/Spanish/German parallel translation datasets for spoken language applications
  • Online messenger chat corpus (2019-2021)
  • 18 million chat utterances from over 10,000 Korean speakers
AI Creative Writing Tools
Generative AI-Based Creative Support Tool: From Draft Generation to Personalized Writing
Specialized Training and Incorporation of Data Tailored to Persona and Other Required Fields
Enhancing Completeness through Guide-Based Text Review, Correction, and Analysis
  • ArtiPen: AI Creative Support Tool
  • InkCheck: AI Review Support Tool
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