AI Persona Design

We strategize the creation of varied artificial intelligence personas to correspond with the image and service attributes sought by businesses, and develop dialogues accordingly.
An exceptional and captivating AI conversational experience enhances user satisfaction and brand value.

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Where Generative AI Technology Meets Humanity

We integrate humanities into cutting-edge AI technology, transcending artificial intelligence from a mere technical tool to something deeply connected with human values.
This approach enables AI to think ethically, engage in human-centric dialogues, and enhances its capabilities in both understanding and generating natural language.
Our mission is to empower AI with a depth of understanding and expression that aligns with our highest human ideals.
AI Conversation System Design
Our team of professional writers designs natural and intelligent conversations based on a deep understanding and analysis of both text and voice UX. By incorporating personas into responses, we accurately interpret the intentions and context embedded in user utterances, providing smoothly recreated conversations in the language of artificial intelligence during information delivery.
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Persona-Centric Interpretation with Generative AI
We introduce persona designs reflecting business objectives and user characteristics, applying them to real-time interpretation. Through generative AI-based translation technology, we incorporate conversation contexts and finely refine nuances of original texts, delivering accurate multilingual translations.
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#Multilingual Customer Service
#Tailored Convenience for International Customer Needs
#Context-aware Translation
LLM Reinforcement Learning Datasets
To enhance AI's natural language understanding, we linguistically analyze utterance intentions and sentence structures, tagging them to design and generate AI learning corpora. With corpora enabling conversations at a higher level, seamless dialogue with humans becomes achievable.
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#Corpus Generation
#Data Construction
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Ethics in Artificial Intelligence
We propose AI ethics guidelines for sensitive language and societal issues, allowing AI to learn user privacy protection and universal social ethical values. We conduct research and development on learning mechanisms through human feedback to ensure the accumulation of high-quality data.
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#AI Ethics/Data Protection Guidelines
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We bring artificial intelligence to life
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