For the Humanity living in the AI Era
blend Humanities with Technology
to create
Enchanting Conversational Experiences with AI

Experience Engaging Dialogues with AIs
through a fusion of Humanities and Technology
based on Generative AI(LLM)
We design Human-AI dialogues, the key interface in the age of AI
Elevating User Experiences Through Advanced Persona Design
Enhancing AI's Understanding Capabilities
Advancing AI's Speaking Skills
Uncovering User Insights Through Service Operations and Big Data Analysis
Achieving Sustainability in Management, Aligning with K RE-100 Initiatives
Embracing AI Ethics, Responsible AI, and DEI Principles
Committing to Transparent and Ethical Data Practices, Upholding ISO 27001 Standards
We design the language of AIs
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Samsung's AI Bixby

Bixby's persona and dialogue style

Shinhan Bank AI
Digital Human

Voice User Experience design for AI concierges and smart kiosks

The wearable robot BotFit

VUX and dialogue styles for the wearable robot trainer

Korean Digital New Deal

Public datasets for multilingual and Korean conversational AI training led by the government

Join Our Journey
Our objective is to establish a technological environment in which emotions and intellect harmonize, surpassing mere advanced artificial intelligence.

Let us work together to establish a future in which your creativity can flourish with a myriad of opportunities.
Job titles :
  • Creative Writer
  • Bi-Lingual Sociolinguist/Linguist
  • AI R&D Engineer
  • AI Prompt Engineer
  • UI/UX Specialist
  • Front-End/Back-End Developer
  • Corpus DB Specialist
Join us in pioneering innovation: We're on the hunt for creative and passionate talents ready to make a difference.
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