Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for SMS, SNS Message Database Construction

Privacy Policy Statement

Section 1: General Principles

Section 2: Collection of Personal Information

Section 3: Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information

Personal Information Collection Items (Mandatory)
Purpose of Collection
Retention and Use Period
Name, contact details, account number (bank, account number)
For payment for text provision and user management
Until the purpose of collection and use is achieved.
Gender, age, residential area (city, county level), texts chosen by the user to provide (SMS, KakaoTalk, Line, SNS, etc.)
For constructing a database for message-based service development like text-to-speech, automatic translation, voice recognition, natural language recognition, information search services, knowledge search services.
※ The database is sold within the scope of the above purposes, and all personal information elements are removed upon sale.

Section 4: Use, Provision, and Sharing of Personal Information

Section 5: Retention, Use Period, and Destruction of Personal Information

Section 6: Rights and Obligations of Users and Legal Representatives

Section 7: Personal Information Protection Officer

Personal Information Protection Officer
Personal Information Manager
Name : Sanghee Bae
Position : CEO
Email :
Name : Nuri Lee
Position : Head of Business Support Team
Email  :

Section 8: Measures for Ensuring the Security of Personal Information

ddai implements technical, administrative, and physical safeguards to prevent the loss, theft, leakage, alteration, or damage of personal information.

Section 9: Notification of Changes to the Privacy Policy

This privacy policy was established on May 12, 2017. Changes, additions, or deletions to the content due to legislative revisions, changes in government policies, internal policies of ddai, or changes in security technology will be announced at least seven days in advance on the website, detailing the reasons and contents of the changes. For significant changes, such as the provision of personal information to third parties, changes in the purposes for collection and use, or changes in the retention period, customer consent will be obtained.